Studio Sol


Everyday, 5 million people use our websites and apps

Founded in Belo Horizonte, in 2000, by Sam Vignoli and Gabriel Fernandes, Studio Sol owns Cifra Club, Palco MP3 and
We also make Guitar Battle, Fórum Cifra Club and Forme Sua Banda.

We are the leader Brazilian company in app downloads and Top Developer at Google Play.

Cifra Club

The biggest music teaching website in Brazil

9.2 million Monthly active users 7.4 million App downloads

Video lessons, chords, tabs and tools to make the musician's life easier, available on the website and apps, since 1996.

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Palco MP3

The most downloaded music app in Brazil

28.6 million Monthly active users 111.8 million App downloads

The most downloaded Brazilian music app in all Google Play’s history, with more than 100 million downloads.

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2 million lyrics of all genres

36.1 million Monthly active users 14.1 million App downloads is the most accessed lyrics website in Brazil and has a 2 million-lyric collection of all music genres.

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